The Northeasts Premier Paranormal Investigators





​Be Part Of The Investigation

Respectful To Spirit

Unlike other paranormal investigators we would encourage you to be part of the investigation and invite you to use our state of the art equipment but if you prefer just to watch thats fine too!
Over the last 5 years we have grown to become one of the leading Northeast Paranormal Investigators and have all of the tools required such as CCTV, EMF Detectors, Voice Recorders etc
We believe that Spirit should be respected, we do not use Ouija Boards at any time and we never provoke activity.
Spectre Detectors -
The Northeasts Premier Paranormal Investigators

Come and be a part of our team for the night...if you dare!

We invite you to come and join us for a night of Paranormal Investigation at one of our evenings in the Northeast. Be a part of the team and we
openly invite you to use our state of the art equipment as we investigate some of the most haunted buildings in the Northeast.


For those of you who are interested in 'ghost hunting' but are a bit unsure of what happens. We are a local team of experienced investigators, we use night vision cctv (which you get to monitor), emf detectors (k2 meters as used on ghost hunters), rem pod, spirit dice (that spirit use to spell words), spirit box (as used on ghost hunters), dowsing rods, pendulums, seance trumpet and much, much more. You will take away a real life experience of communicating with the spirit world and you receive a copy of the evidence caught on the night. Its up to you as to how much you participate in the evening, its very relaxed and nothing is expected of you.


We pride ourselves on the respectful investigations of some of the Northeasts most haunted buildings that have included The Manor House Hotel Ferryhill, Jedburgh Jail, The Northeast Air Museum etc and have been privelleged enough to have also investigated one off specials such as HMS Trincomalee and the home of victorian serial killer Mary Ann Cotton.


Elaine says "I have been fortunate enough to be able to do something that I love and that is paranormal investigating. Our mission when we first started (all of those years ago) was to prove the existance of the spirit world through evidence caught on film and recording equipment. Working with total respect for the spirit world has enabled us to do just that. We have caught some amazing evps and footage from our investigations. We are also very lucky to be joined by some of the Northeasts leading  psychic mediums, and together we work hard to bring evidence from the spirit world.  We do regular special events with renowned psychic medium Debra Chalmers which are always a huge success. We have recently been in the American paranormal magazine - Paranormal Underground and we were on the paranormal radio show - Paranormal Chronicles and we have published our own books. We have also had article printed in fate & forture. We are always booking venues that have never been investigated before, so why not come along and join us....you wont be dissapointed".



We have a complete CCTV system that includes infra red and as well as monitoring on the night, all of the footage is stored and maticulously searched through at a later
date to ensure nothing has been missed.
Make sure you have enough film/space, as you should be taking photos at every opportunity. Let instinct tell you where to take shots, and also be sure to have
enough replacement batteries with you! We also have a full spectrem camera, which allows you to capture spirit. You also get to view these pics on our facebook page.
As you may be investigating in the dark, it’s a good idea to stock up on torches. Preferably it will be one with a red lens, but clear ones are fine too.
The red lens doesn’t interfere with night vision, yet it still provides you with a good light source for finding your way round a location.
Walkie Talkies
If a group of you are investigating a location and you are splitting up, it’s always handy to have a walkie talkie with each party, as you can cross reference experiences
as they happen.
Night Vision Handycams
A video record of what is going on is always a good idea, just in case you miss something with the naked eye, which is likely given you’ll be in the dark.
EMF Detectors
The EMF detects electro magnetic fields, which are a known attribute to paranormal activity. If you notice a sudden high spike in one particular area, then this could relate
to something paranormal however, it could also be related to wiring. If you get an unusual reading, do your best to rule out only other source, before you come to
any conclusions!
PIR Thermometers
Sudden cold spots can often be associated with ghosts, so it’s important to have a thermometer on hand when you need it. Make note of any drafty areas that could be
caused by ventilation or old windows.
The Rem Pod utilizes a mini telescopic antenna to radiate an independent EM field around the device. It is believed that spirit energy can manipulate, distort, and influence
such an EM field. . When another energy source or spirit comes into close proximity of this unit and its emanating power, an audible sound and LED lights will illuminate
indicating that a generated field of energy has been detected. Each LED has a distinct sound when illuminated.This is a good bit of kit to have set up when you’re in other
areas investigating. If it goes off when you’re in another a room, then it can lead to some interesting evidence.
The portal is a relatively new piece of ghost hunting kit that we use with the spriit box which allows you to actually hear spirit speak and answer your questions live.
The box flicks between AM frequencies rapidly with white noise used as a filler. The received noise was then fed into the portal which enabled spirits to
manipulate the noise to form words, and the output is fed into a speaker, thus allowing communications in real-time.